Feb 10

Apple iPhone 4 – The best in smartphone technology

Apple provides the iPhone 4, the supreme in smartphone technology. It has lately been launched in the midst of media frenzy and news of enormous sale and queues of excited customers globally. Never before has the world seen a cellular phone like this, providing so much convenience and technological horsepower in a single useful device. Rather than just developing the already accepted Apple iPhone 3GS, the company has chosen to entirely redesign the phone, placing a new standard for smartphones. Following are a few of the iPhone’s most trendy characteristics.


The new Apple iPhone 4 boasts a fresh design, that’s entirely different from the previous iPhone models. The corners are slightly more angular than the earlier ones, and have a squarer general appearance. It is executed in a lustrous black color design, even though there is also a white color alternative on hand. Simply 9.3mm, it is one of the leanest handsets available.

Picture messaging

The iPhone 4 is not simply capable of taking photographs but sending them too. Capturing the smile of your kid or that unique moment between you and your partner, and sending it to your friend is fast and convenient. This is possible with Apple placing an ‘Insert Picture’ button just next to the text area in the messaging application.

Video recording

The iPhone 4 has a technology of 720p, enabling consumers to record videos in spectacular clarity and quality, capturing unforgettable moments for the entire life. These all are done with more mobility and expediency than conventional camcorders. With the help of Apple’s iTunes, relocating them to your computer or netbook or laptop is quite easy.

Highly developed touchscreen

Together with its glossy new design and advanced camera and video technology, the screen has also received a significant renovation. Wheeling and sliding through menus and homescreens has never been this smooth and swift. Thus, users are more than satisfied to know that their handset will always function when they are in need of it, something that has impressed business proprietors, managers and everybody in general.

When you are seeking the best smartphone for someone, whether he is a music lover or a gadget freak, the Apple iPhone 4 is just the right choice.

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