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Apr 16

The Big Hoax Of P2P Movie Download Sites

A Popular Hoax Related to Movie Download Sites: As more and more movie lovers look for ways to steer clear of devastating lawsuits, many have been lead like lambs to the slaughter to pay for P2P software that is in fact already free to use. The most popular hoax out there is Kazaa Gold. Basically, …

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Feb 20

Video Editing – IMovie

Video editing can give you a lot of headache. Novice video editors find it hard to use complex programs or software. Just imagine your computer monitor having lots of complicated and hard-to-understand stuff; you will end up scratching your head all the time. Well, there is no need to worry because IMovie is one of …

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Feb 13

Using the iMOvie application on an iPhone 4S

Smartphones have been exploding the whole world of cell phone communication. With unbelievable advancement in smartphone technology, phones such as the iPhone 4S can be used to build and share your personal movies. The AppStore contains an application known as the iMovie that allows users to capture open video footage and transform it to proficient …

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