Dec 06

Online advertising and Television for an Irish gift shop

On line markets differs greatly from traditional channels via Television or Print media. The latter focus on broad strokes to convey their message, advertising to tens of thousands, in the hope that they reach the few customers that they want to.

Online sales targets customers that it knows are interested in their product line. As an example, take an Irish Gift shop online, they

Creative Irish gifts online

Irish gifts online

are going to advertise via Google AdWords, based on the search words that are used, the ads will be served up accordingly. The use of a phrase like creative Irish gifts, will trigger the ad on the Google search page. The ad needs to be well written, closely reflecting and meeting the needs of the search phrase and that the landing page reflects that need as well.  A page that targets individuals searching for Irish gifts, is going to have to clearly offer that type of product.

This differs substantially from Television advertising, in that it is very much more targeted, it is rarely about brand building, but is very much about converting traffic in to sales. When you have someone take time out of their day to research a product like Irish gifts online, then it is certain that they are i a buying mood.

Providers of streaming television services, need to make sure that they know their customer base, so that they can start to provide advertising online, that reflects their customers needs, rather than the scatter gun approach of the past. For example, a house hold in Boston, in March, would see different TV ad’s from a house in North Dakota where there would be less Irish people to sell gifts to. Using tools like Facebook’s connect, they would also be able to see and learn about what their customers like and enjoy.

TV can save itself from being relegated, if it uses the sales model that the internet has pioneered. Focused ad’s for individual viewers. It also opens up the avenue of revenue sharing, with other businesses. Now that will truly change the online and TV market.

So remember that next time you are looking at an ad for an Irish Gift Shop, that it may be just targeting you. The power of the future is online. Is your business, reflecting that?

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