Feb 13

Using the iMOvie application on an iPhone 4S

Smartphones have been exploding the whole world of cell phone communication. With unbelievable advancement in smartphone technology, phones such as the iPhone 4S can be used to build and share your personal movies. The AppStore contains an application known as the iMovie that allows users to capture open video footage and transform it to proficient looking videos.

With the iMovie application, you can edit the video recording that you have taken on your iPhone 4S’ inbuilt 8 megapixel camera, and build brilliant looking movies. If you have any previously recorded tape, jut open the iMovie application and choose the videotape you want to check over. After you have completed this, the next thing that you need to do is to trim the recording you don’t wish to include. For this, you will need the slider edge to precisely separate unnecessary recording from the video. Finally, you are left with the best portions. You may divide this further into segments which can be reorganized to modify the order. Once you are done with all this, just drag and drop the segments of video into the preferred arrangement.

You can now edit the residual footage by applying effects like freeze frames or slow motion, and also include other still pictures from your photo collection. You may even include a sound track from your phone’s inbuilt iPod functionality, or pick from several sound effects. You can enter text with the on screen Qwerty keyboard. It allows users to enter captions and credits, providing it with a practiced look. You have eight pre loaded themes to give the movie a particular look and feel. A newly launched CNN iReport gives the movie the feel and appearance of a news report, accomplishing a majority of the hard work for you.

Once you have completed building your masterwork, you may share it on a social community website like Facebook and Orkut with a single touch of the screen. Moreover, you can wirelessly transfer it to a compatible television to make it available to a group of individuals so they needn’t crowd around your cell phone. It can also be saved and sent to other Apple gadgets like an iMac or iPad 2, using the iPhone 4S’ iCloud functionality.

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