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Watch Live TV Online for Free

Watch Live TV Online for Free–Ways to Watch Live TV Online

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How Can You Watch Free Live TV Online Without Paying Fees

This is easy; there are more than a thousand ways that one can watch online TV from the internet without having to pay the monthly subscription charges. This is done using a simple system that is downloadable form the internet for a small onetime payment of $49.95. This is the only fee that the company charges you and you won\’t have to pay any monthly fees after that. Watch Live TV Online Free

Watch Live TV Online For Free – Way # 1

You can opt to use one of the major networks to watch live TV streaming to your computer form the internet. This can be from such big TV networks like CBS, ABC, FOX, etc. ABC has a special online portal when you can download all the season episodes for their premier series. This is where you can catch on all the past episodes of programs that they are running on the mainstream cable or satellite services.

This is a good way to watch any past episodes that you may have missed since it streams all the past good shows through the internet. Fox and the other TV networks have similar services for a small payment which is recurring. Although you get to pay a requiring bill, it is usually not as high as the cable or the satellite direct TV charges.

The major networks including some sports TV networks like NBA TV, NFL TV, MLB TV, feature some past or live game streams on their websites where you get to pay per view. Pay per view is also a good way to capture live TV online but for a fee. Although the singular episode charges are low, the cumulative costs of watching several shows, games and episodes can amount to much more than the monthly subscription fees for cable service.

This is usually a convenient and specific way to watch particular episodes, games and sports online especially if you are living outside the United States of America. However, it is not a very sustainable way to watch live TV online since the cost can accumulate to astronomical figures when you are doing pay per view online.

Watch Live TV Online For Free – Way # 2

The other method to watch absolutely free live TV online is by the use of the direct TV websites that are found on the internet. There are several popular TV portals on the internet which have categorized lists of channels from all over the world. These websites feature all the links to more than 10,000 TV channels from around the globe which are categorized according to the type of programs that they offer for example music, news channels, sports TV channels, Educational TV channels etc.


Websites that feature live TV online for absolutely free; are very good way to watch world TV programs from anywhere from the United States to China. You can actually get hundreds of sports, news, and movie channels from these websites and the good thing is that they offer online television shows for absolutely free of charge.

To watch any programs using the website, you have to first visit them and choose the TV channel you want to watch according to the category of programs. It\’s as easy as going to the long list of TV program categories and selecting movies, news, sports, documentaries, weather, music or anything that you fancy.

The website then opens another list of channels in each of the category that you select and you can them narrow your search according to either the subcategory e.g. music channels-rock music or according to the country that features the channels e.g. Weather channels- USA etc. This way it\’s very easy to select the category of channels that you want to watch and also the country that you want to watch the free online TV from.

The only downside to the free online TV websites like channel chooser and beeline TV, is that they are irritatingly unstable and you can hardly watch 3 minutes of straight TV streaming without an interruption. The main problem is that there are too many requests online for free TV that the website servers cannot handle the huge traffic and so they keep bumping your link now and so often. It can be quite annoying.

Watch TV Online for Free – Way # 3

The third and the last way to watch TV on the internet is through the use of a simple yet powerful software called the pc TV system. This is a very easy program that is made as a selection of free TV links which are then grouped and categorized in a single software. There are hundreds of such free TV online packages on the internet and you need to be careful to choose wisely or you can get a fake one.

This is by far the best way that I have found online to watch free TV on the internet without interruptions and without spending too much time collecting the free TV links by myself. The free TV softwares are available for download from the internet from the parent company websites. These websites will give you all the information on the available channels and the advantages of using a software to watch live television for free online.

The free online TV software are compatible with most of the windows operating softwares including Win 2000, 2003, XP, NT, ME, and even Vista. They have even made a special version of the software that works with Mac computers such that users of Mac are not left out. You don\’t actually need to buy a new computer to use these pc TV software on your computer since the running requirements are very low including a virtual memory of 330mb for the monitor, speeds of atleast 450mhz for faster feed download and a Pentium 4 hard drive for enough memory to save content.


Most of the free online TV softwares can be used with a less than 100kbps internet speed including the normal dial up and DSL internet services. One of the big requirements is that the internet service should be stable enough to allow you to watch free TV online without issues.

One of the biggest advantages of using a pc TV software for online TV channels is that it provides you the widest selection of channels at about 3500 channels, cheap one time set up fee of $49.95, life time membership, some great customer support, free and automatic software updates including the unlimited access to all those free world TV channels at no monthly fees. It is a convenient way to watch live TV on the internet from any location in the world. Once you download the pc TV software on your laptop, you can activate your free online TV shows at any place in the world with just a plug in and play action.

Read full information on this software for watching live TV for free online by clicking on any of the links included here.

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